fusion 2.4 – Distributed Fluid Inventory Control (FIC) System


3110-027 - Master Keypad::3110-028 - Dispense Keypad::3110-029 - Dispense Keypad w/ built-in ticket printer

Systems: Fusion FIC System

The fusion 2.4 Fluid Inventory Control and Management Systems will track every drop of fluid in your facility, from the bulk tanks and hose reels to portable equipment. No dispenses will be delivered without authorization.


Example of mid-range fusion 2.4  Distributed Control System

Fusion 2.4 Distributed Control FIC System - workflow diagram
1 – Master Keypad (3110-027)
2 – Dispense Keypads (3110-028)
6 – fusion 2.4 wireless handle (3331-021) (requires extension)

Today’s Challenges

  • Multiple dispense points
  • The need for simultaneous dispensing
  • Variety of fluids including oil, ATF, diesel fuel, windshield wash solvent, coolant
  • Security
  • Inventory reconciliation
  • Networking
  • PC Interface

The Solution:

The fusion 2.4 Distributed Control System (DCS) provides precise metering and dispensing of any compatible  fluid for maintenance facilities, large dealerships, large fleets, and industrial plants.

  • Controls up to 250 dispense points
  • Manages up to 16 fluids
  • Tracks up to 36 keypads, max. of 24 control handles per keypad
  • Secures operating levels with up to 250 user ID’s
  • Create paper ticket after every completed work order – no lost billings
  • Manage simultaneous dispense locations – all dispenses are recorded
  • Unlimited work order stacking allows mechanic to select pre-loaded work orders – turn vehicles faster per day.
  • Create work order history & reports by product, dispense point, work order or technician.
  • fusion 2.4 can match your process: pre-authorized work order or technician dispense – manage and record all dispenses
  • Assign special work order number for dedicated oil change bays allowing monitored after-hours fluid dispensing
  • fusion 2.4 mathematically manages fluid levels
  • Mount up to 36 wireless dispense keypads directly in the bays – maximizes technician productivity
  • Totally wireless: communicates directly between keypads and dispense valves – easily fits into any facility
  • Multi-channel operation seeks open frequency – Minimizes interference from outside sources.


  • Wirelessly controls and manages up to 16 fluids, 250 dispense locations, and tracks 36 keypads
  • Add fluid and/or dispense capacity at any time
  • Easy/fast entry of authorized PIN codes and job information on a Wireless Dispense Keypad
  • Easy dispense and fast completion of work order
  • Generate reports by product, dispense point, by work order, or by technician
  • Monitor inventory levels from your PC
  • Operator and Manager security levels
  • Wireless fusion control handles are the building blocks of both fusion 2.4 systems.

Component Specifications

Function Wirelessly monitor and control fluid dispense
Power Input – 110 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Requirements & Limitations
  • 2-way 2.4 Ghz radio communication
  • Tank measurements are; quarts, liters, pints, and gallons
  • Operating Temp.: 14 °F to 140 °F (-10 °C to 60 °C)
    (Indoor usage only)
  • fusion 2.4 systems may not work with cordless phones, or other
    electronic devices operating within the same frequency range