Pump Sentinel & Tank Guardian Fluid Inventory Control (FIC) System


3110-009 - Sentinel Console::4520-010 - Tank Guardian::4520-011 - Tank Guardian Multi-Tank Software, 4 PC interface::4520-012 - Tank Guardian Multi-Tank Software, 8 PC interface

Systems: Sentinel FIC System


  • Prevents fluid theft by using switches to enable or disable
    up to six pumps
  • Master key needed to turn system on
  • 6′ cable to run to junction box
  • Small Console footprint: 6.5″ L x 5″ W x 3″ H

Pump Sentinel Component Specifications:


Function Prevents fluid spills during nonworking hours by using a built in timer to turn off air supply to all pumps at a predetermined time each day.
Power 120 VAC, 60/50 Hz, 50 Watts

Requirements & Limitations
  • No.18 AWG wire is recommended for all runs less than 400 feet.
  • For runs from 400 to 625 feet, use wire No.16 AWG or larger.
  • 24VDC wiring can be run around the overhead structure of the building without using conduit.
Service Bulletin SB 3048


Tank Guardian Component Specifications:


Function Monitors the fluid level of tanks by detecting the static pressure generated by the fluid height.
Power 110 VAC

Requirements & Limitations
  • Order one Tank Guardian per tank
  • Tank Guardian Multi-tank software is required for 4 or 8 tanks
Service Bulletin SB 3094

SB 3104 Multi-tank software, 4 & 8 PC interface