Synergy Fluid Inventory Control (FIC) Monitoring System

Synergy Fluid Inventory Control (FIC) Monitoring System


Systems: Synergy FIC System

Today, the needs of our customers are more complex, the fluids are many, and the challenges managing and accurately monitoring these fluids are difficult. Wireless has its limitations, communication problems, and risks with all electronic controls mounted in the handle. Synergy brings you real–time information with seamless communication without interruption.


Example of mid-range Synergy System

Synergy Fluid Inventory Control (FIC) Monitoring System - workflow diagram

2 –  Multi-Point Dispense Module – 3110-017
1 –  Printer Interface Module – 3110-018
1  – PC Interface Module – 3110-019
1  – Tank Control Module – 3110-020
1  – LED Display – 3120-068
2  – Standard Keypads – 3110-016
6 – Pulse Meter/Solenoid Valve Kits
3 – Air Solenoids – 3120-033
1 – Ticket Printer – 3120-069


Today’s Challenges

  • Multiple dispense points
  • The need for simultaneous dispensing
  • Variety of fluids including oil, ATF, grease, DEF, diesel fuel, windshield fluid, coolant
  • Tank monitoring of both fresh and used oil and coolant
  • PC and printer interface
  • Security
  • DMS interface
  • Networking
  • Inventory Reconciliation

The Solution

Synergy offers ease-of-use combined with the high performance you have come to expect from Balcrank. The Synergy provides precise metering and dispensing of any fluid for Automotive, Commercial, and Industrial applications.

  • Controls up to 255 outlets
  • Number of fluids are unlimited
  • Number of keypads are unlimited
  • Job number validation are unlimited
  • Manage simultaneous dispense locations – all dispenses are recorded

Flexibility and Performance
Synergy is simple to use and offers outstanding performance. It is very easy to customize to your unique needs for control of oil, anti-freeze and more. With Synergy, you will have full control of all liquid consumption for vehicle service and industrial applications.

Intelligent Modules
The system uses intelligent modules, which offer a variety of adaptations in the software. Synergy can be installed in both existing and new facilities and with optional integration in financial DMS applications. With easy integration, the system provides precise metering and dispensing of fluids. Multilingual, English, Spanish, and French.

Remote Access
The remote keypads are designed to be located in strategic places allowing remote entry of PIN ID, job or work order number, and amount of fluid to be dispensed at any given location. A Minimum of 1 keypad is required to operate a system, but there is no limit for the total number of keypads in the system. Any dispense can be initiated from any keypad.

System Control
The Multi-Point Dispense Module controls the amount of fluid ordered from any keypad or PC in the entire system. One module controls up to 4 outlets and offers a keyed manual override. Every outlet port can be given unique functions:

  • PIN code
  • Volume
  • Time-out
  • Job number
  • Group access
  • Pulse per unit
  • Display information
  • Min./Max. volume

Industrial Batch Features
Synergy is the solution for increasing productivity and improving quality. Offering a number of batch dispensing solutions: it’s easy to design a system to meet specific demands. Up to 7 volumes can be pre-programmed and 4 volumes can be dispensed simultaneously, with or without a PC.