Synergy FIC System | Multi-Point Dispense Module


3110-017 - Multi-Point Dispense Module

Systems: Synergy FIC System


  • The Multi-Point Dispense Module controls the amount of fluid ordered from any keypad or PC in the entire system
  • One module controls up to 4 outlets and offers keyed manual override
  • Every outlet port can be given unique functions: PIN code, volume, time out, job number, group access, Pulse Per Unit, display information, Min./Max. volume

Component Specifications

Function Module controls 4 dispense points/solenoids
Power Input – 110 VAC
Output – 24 VDC

Requirements & Limitations
  • 4 outlets/dispense points per module
  • Max. 30’ distance per dispense point from Multi-Point Dispense Module to meter valve
  • Requires AC power cord (not included)
    • Balcrank part#3130-001, 6ft. power cord NEMA 5-15, 16/3 or equivalent.

Service Bulletin: SB 3080 Synergy Installation Guide