Synergy FIC System | Tank Surveillance Module


3110-020 - Tank Control Module::3110-021 - Tank Surveillance Module

Systems: Synergy FIC System


  • Monitors up to 4 fresh and /or waste oil tanks per module using either high/low level sensors or analog probes
  • Controls up to 4 solenoid valves (air or fluid)
  • Equipped with key switch for normal operation, emergency override and On/Off functions
  • Controls waste pump/solenoid valves providing high level warning for waste oil or low level warning and reorder point for fresh oil on PC

Component Specifications

Function Controls tank monitoring
Power Input – 110 VAC
Output – 24 VDC

& Limitations
  • 4 tanks per module
  • Can only be used in a PC based system
  • Requires AC power cord (not included)

Service Bulletin:

SB 3076 Tank Control Module