EVX+ Capacity Plus Hose Reel


2310-047 - EVX+ Bare reel - up to 50’ x 1 1/2”

Typical Applications: Fleet Service, Industrial plants, Mining

Type(s): EV/EVX/EVX+ Reels

Pressure: Low Pressure (Air / Water) Reels, Low Pressure (Diesel), Low Pressure (Oil)

The Extended Volume+, EVX+ Series hose reel is designed for extreme heavy-duty applications where large hose diameters are required for increased flow. The dual spring EVX+ reel will accommodate up to 50’ of 1 1/2” ID hose. Perfect for heavy-duty fleet … Read More >

Enclosed Hose Reels | Low Pressure


2251-338 - 30' x 3/8" ID hose::2251-538 - 50' x 3/8" ID hose::2251-312 - 30' x 1/3" ID hose::2251-512 - 50' x 1/2" hose

Typical Applications: Automotive Dealerships, Fleet Service, Industrial plants, Tire Center, Transmission Centers

Type(s): Enclosed Reels

Pressure: Low Pressure (Air / Water) Reels

All steel enclosed cabinet hose reels improve the appearance of any shop. Standard color is black and six special colors are available to match workbenches and automotive lifts. Features: All steel cabinets have high quality, powder coated finish provi … Read More >

Lube Console


2600-001 - Lube Console

Typical Applications: Automotive Dealerships, Quick Lubes

Type(s): Lube Console

Pressure: Low Pressure (Air / Water) Reels, Medium Pressure (Oil)

The reliable alternative to hose reels. For quick lubes or other installations where a basement pit space is available. Features: Compact Design, Small Space Requirement Premium Features & Finish Quality Heavy gauge welded steel cabinet Durable pow … Read More >