Dispensing Solutions | Choosing the Right Reel

Hose reels help organize your shop to keep it safe from tripping obstacles, make it easier to dispense your fluids, and assures that the cleanest fluids enter the customer’s vehicle.

Balcrank offers reels for small and high-volume shops to dispense or evacuate fluids. We manufacture reels in low, medium, and high pressure for Air/Water, Oil, and Grease plus various other applications. With hose sizes ranging from ¼” to 2 ½”.

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Evo, Classic Hose Reels 

    • Balcrank offers a variety of hose reels to meet your dispense needs. Balcrank Evo and Classic reels are an excellent choice for small to medium dealerships, tire shops and quick lubes. Balcrank’s Evo reel is part of part of our enclosed hose reel package giving you a lightweight but extremely rugged reel in an all-metal enclosed cabinet. Enclosed reels are designed to improve the appearance of any shop. Balcrank cabinet enclosures come in seven colors to match workbenches, automotive lifts, and dealership branding.

Premium, Extended Volume Hose Reels 

    • The Premium and EV reels are great for heavy-duty environments; choose the Premium reel where a narrow footprint and a more rugged reel are required. The EV (Extended Volume) reel is designed for large hose diameters where heavy-duty applications require increased flow. They are perfect for heavy-duty Fleet, Construction, Mining, and Industrial applications.