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1200-002 - Lube Caddy metered DR handle Flex Memory 1/4 turn manual for OIL::1200-003 - Lube Caddy non-metered DR handle Flex Memory 1/4 turn manual for OIL::1200-019 - Lube Caddy non-metered DR handle Flex Memory 1/4 turn manual for ATF


Fluid Types:

The Lube Caddy™ pressurized dispenser is a mobile fluid dispenser for light viscosity lubricants. Ideal for remote service in the field, on the job site or anywhere an air supply is not available.

This dispenser has a large 16 gallon capacity tank which means less time will be spent stopping to refill the tank. Its sight tube and large 2” bung port insure easy filling. Its large rubber wheels and wide handlebar insure easy maneuverability. It can be used with a non-metered control handle or a metered control handle for accurate dispensing.

The dispenser is equipped with a factory set inlet air safety relief valve and a standard tire valve for easy air filling.


  • Completely portable, operates independent of air supply
  • Tank holds up to 16 gallons of lubricant
  • Fill cap and sight gauge
  • 6’ x 1/2″ Fluid hose
  • Heavy duty wheels and caster
  • Recommended option: air filter 3260-038 F/R Auto Drain 1/4″ NPT(F)


Tank size
20 gal (76 l)
Fluid capacity
16 gal (61 l)
Operating air pressure range
50-100 psi (3.4-7 bar)
Pressure relief valve setting
125 psi (8.6 bar)
Estimated dispense time
first 8 gal (30.5 l) at 100 psi (7 bar)
4 MIN.
Estimated dispense time
13 gal (46 l) from “full level” to

“refill level” at 100 PSI (7 bar)
9 MIN.
Air inlet port Standard tire valve
Wetted materials Steel, Buna-N™,
Zinc Plated Steel,
and Polypropylene