Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

For over 100 years, Balcrank has designed and manufactured quality fluid dispensing equipment systems and packages for the Automotive, Commercial, and Industrial Marketplace.

The tradition continues with…true blue diesel exhaust fluid dispensing system packages.

Designed specifically to handle DEF, the true blue systems and packages assist to reduce vehicle emissions. Balcrank offers drum and tote system packages for dealerships, garages, fleets, and commercial facilities. These packages are designed to make DEF refills convenient for technicians and drivers.

The EPA is working to reduce harmful pollutants by mandating strict emission standards for diesel engines. Congress has enacted the Clean Air Act to regulate the removal of harmful pollutants caused by diesel engines.

The industry has followed the strict emission standards implemented by the EPA. Light and heavy-duty diesel vehicles, new heavy-duty diesel trucks, and buses now burn fuel 90 percent cleaner.

Today, the EPA is focused on non-road diesel engines; including agricultural and construction equipment.

This initiative continues to move forward addressing the extensive emission standards for aircraft, watercraft, and locomotives.

To assist these standards, vehicle and engine manufacturers have developed a technology called, Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) for diesel engines. This technology uses Diesel Exhaust Fluid to convert the NOX into harmless nitrogen gas (N2) and water vapor (H2O).

Balcrank offers a wide range of true blue DEF dispensing equipment system packages designed specifically to handle DEF. As your DEF volume increases, the true blue system packages can easily be adapted to fit various container sizes and dispensing options.

About “Open” and “Closed” Coupler Systems

DEF purity is essential. A critical system consideration in maintaining DEF quality is the type of dispensing system used.

CLOSED system containers have a valve coupling system that seals the container opening on drums and totes, Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC), to prevent dirt, debris, bugs etc. from entering the container and contaminating the diesel exhaust fluid. Liquid in container system is sealed and secure, throughout container life cycle.

For closed systems, use Reusable Poly Valve (RPV) or Reusable Stainless Valve (RSV) systems accessories.  RSV and RPV components are interchangeable.

OPEN system containers are drums or totes (IBC) that do not contain a valve insert in the container’s bung opening; potentially, allowing dirt, debris, bugs, etc. to enter the container and contaminate the diesel exhaust fluid.

For open systems, use Drum Quick Pro (DQP) accessories.

DEF Packages do not include coupler systems.
You must choose a coupler kit to create a complete system for your fluid distribution needs.

See the DEF Product Catalog for more information.