Balcrank’s Achievements

Balcrank entered the lubrication equipment field in 1922 and since then has developed many “firsts” in the industry, thus attaining a recognized position of leadership in design and engineering progress. All Balcrank equipment is built to meet the highest standards of quality control and performance requirements.

1906   The Cincinnati Ball Crank Company is formed.

1906   First in the mass production of machine handles and cranks for the machine tool and automotive industries.

1908 First in mass production of the ball-socket type of tie-rod and drag link steering connection.

1922   Enters into the lubrication equipment field and invents and produces the first electric grease gun

1923   First patents on hydraulic coupler and fittings now universally used today

1924   Developed first air operated high-pressure/volume grease gun

1926   Developed first air powered lubrication pump

1930   Developed first enclosed hose reels

1933   Company changes name to Balcrank, Inc

1935   First pump with Deluxe Container covers for weathered environments

1948   Engineered and released new Jet Power air operated pump

1958   Introduced larger capacity hose reels in “deluxe” cabinet

1960   Developed and introduced world’s first high pressure coolant system

1968   Introduced the original Director inventory control system

1987   Introduced the Director Jr. simplified inventory control system

1994   Introduced the Dataflo electronic digital control handle

1996   Introduced the Roughneck self-evacuating drain

1999   Patents on Roughneck design

1999   Introduced Panther® HP 3:1 and 5:1 air operated pumps

2002   Introduced Panther® HP 50:1 grease pumps

2003   Introduced Tiger HP 5:1 pump

2004   Introduced mobile cart based 55 g drum pump Packages

2005   Introduced custom color program for hose reels

2005   Introduced Lion™ HP 5:1, 10:1, and 50:1 pumps

2005   Introduced grease inductor pump systems for Lion™ HP and Panther® HP grease pumps

2005   Introduced air operated oil evacuation system

2006   Introduced Pump Sentinel, a pump shutoff control system

2007   Introduced fusion wireless fluid inventory control systems

2007   Introduced complete tank packages for oil and transmission fluid

2008   Introduced new generation of truck drain

2008   Introduced a full range of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) dispensing systems

2009   Balcrank Corporation was acquired by Linter North America, a subsidiary of Linter Investments Corporation

2009   Introduced 3:1 Lynx lube pump

2009   Introduced ILM (In-Line metered) series Control Handles in both analog and electronic display

2010   Introduces 1:1, 2:1 and 5:1 Lynx pumps

2011   Introduced Signature Evolution Series hose reel

2011   Introduced NEW Redesigned Signature Series Premium hose reel

2011   Introduced Lynx 55:1 Lynx Portable Package

2012   Introduced EV and EVX hose reels

2012   Introduced Synergy fluid inventory management systems

2013   Introduced CenterFlo air operated diaphragm pumps

2013   Introduced Digital Register (DR) meter

2014   Introduced Mechanical Register (MR) meter

2014   Introduced High Flow (HF) handle

2015   Balcrank builds and relocates to a new factory & office headquarters

2015   Introduced electric diaphragm pump for DEF

2015   Introduced Preset Mechanical Handle

2016   Introduced the Lion™ 450/600 pumps for the heavy duty market

2017   Introduced new double wall tank packages

2017   Introduced new high performance CF50 AODD pump

2017   Introduced new tote dispense packages