115 Years of Balcrank

2021 marks the 115th anniversary of Balcrank Corporation. Below you will find topics and images celebrating Balcrank’s achievements from its inception, products and more throughout the year





Balcrank Then vs. Now

Cincinnati, OH Facility

Cincinnati, OH Factory












The Cincinnati Ball Crank Company was founded on July 12, 1906 by Thomas L. Pogue, Clifford Gren, James A. Forbes and Henry and Louis Wessel in the heart of Cincinnati, Ohio’s “Machine Tool Colony”. The first products produced by Balcrank were hand wheels and cranks used by the machine tool industry. The Cincinnati Ball Crank Company got its name from the production of ball-sockets and hand cranks and was commonly referred to as Ball Crank.

Balcrank is one of the oldest manufacturers of automotive lubrication products. Since its beginning, we have been providing our customers with the best products for the ever changing Automotive Commercial and Industrial markets. Our products service automotive quick lubes, dealerships, fleet, and commercial vehicle centers. Our product line has expanded, encompassing the heavy-duty market, which includes: trucking, municipalities, railroad, marine, industrial and mining. Our new line of Lion pumps, large hose reels and high volume control handles allows us to dispense oil products up to 32 gal per minute and grease up to 88 lb per minute.

Weaverville, NC Facility

Weaverville, NC Factory











115 years later, Balcrank Corporation provides system solutions for all types of vehicle maintenance facilities and industrial manufacturing. Our goal is to continue our traditions and evolve in markets and applications that make sense for our continued growth.





Humble Beginnings

“Balanced” Three-Ball Crank

Ball Crank’s line of cranks, handles and wheels












From humble beginnings in 1906 to being one of the oldest manufactures of automobile lubrication products, Balcrank continues to be focused on high quality, fast delivery and excellent service to our customers.

In 1906, Ball Crank was the first to mass produce “balanced” three-ball cranks, cast steel and aluminum hand wheels for the machine tool industries. The innovative three-ball design kept the cranks balanced after adjustment to lock it in place to prevent it from moving.  Today these ball-cranks are still proudly made in the USA.

Shortly after the three-ball cranks introduction to the market, a line of control handles was created.  These control handles became the high-quality choice for demanding builders of machine tools, valves, actuators, instruments and control systems. Balcrank controls are strong and reliable enough to be found in the most sensitive applications – medical and military – where precise machine response is imperative.



Steering Drag Link Advertisement

Steering Drag Link Advertisement

Official Patent on Ball and Socket Technology, 1931








The leading company of firsts and innovation, Ball Crank also became the first mass producer of starting cranks for automobiles. In 1908, Ball Crank introduced the steering drag links to the automotive industry. Almost every automotive manufacturer adopted these drag links and for the first time, steering a car became an easy task. The ball and socket technology behind the steering drag links would then be perfected and officially patented in 1931.