Synergy Accessories


3120-204 Clock Module for LED or Printer Module::3120-205 Serial Port Kit::3120-208 Bar Code Reader + Serial Port Kit::3120-209 Card Reader + Serial Port Kit::3120-210 Dallas Key Reader + Serial Port Kit::3120-069 Optional ticket printer for use with Printer Module 3110-018

Service Bulletin: SB 3079 Clock Module SB 3072 Serial Port Kit, Serial Port Kit with Bar Code Reader, Serial Port Kit with Card Reader, Serial Port Kit with Dallas Key Reader

Communication & Control


3128-050 Communication Cable 50 ft.::3128-100 Communication Cable 100 ft.::3128-150 Communication Cable 150 ft.::3128-250 Communication Cable 250 ft.::3129-050 Control Cable 50 ft.::3129-100 Control Cable 100 ft.::3129-150 Control Cable 150 ft.::3129-250 Control Cable 250 ft.

Meter/Valve Kits


3120-117 Oil Anti-freeze (Glycol)::3120-074 Grease::3120-075 Diesel::3120-077 Windshield Washer Fluid::3120-078 DEF

Solenoid Valve Kits – High precision meter modules include pulse meter, and solenoid valve. Balcrank recommends the use of a Y-Strainer on the dispense side of the pump. Order one per dispense point for use with Synergy. 3120-117 Pressure: 1450 psi (10 … Read More >

Synergy FIC System Professional Software

Programs and Applications


3120-072 - Professional Software::3110-022 - PC Keypad interface::3120-070 - SMS - Tank Alerts via text messaging or E-mail::3110-023 - DB Dock Service - Synchronize mobile database with main database

3120-072 Full-featured PC database. Easy system configuration Variety of standard & customized reports

Tank Sensor


3120-079 Level Sensor, Switch, Oil. Low level stop::3120-080 Level Sensor, Switch, Other Fluids. Low level stop::3120-081 2 Level Sensor, Switch, Oil. Low level alarm and stop::3120-082 2 Level Sensor, Switch, Other Fluids. Low level alarm and stop::3120-083 2 Level Sensor, Switch, Waste Oil. High level alarm and stop::3120-084 Level Sensor, Analog, Oil. Provides low level/high level actual volume

Tank sensors (switches provide low level/high level responses, depending on model. For use with Tank Control Module 3110-020, Tank Surveillance Module 3110-021 and TM Control 3110-033



3120-211- 1/2” NPT (F/F)::3120-212 - 3/4" NPT (F/F)::3120-213 - 1” NPT (F/F)