Hose Stands: Hose Reel Stands


2230-027 3 reel hose stand. Dimensions: 47 x 15.5 x 87.5 inches.::2230-028 5 reel hose stand. Dimensions: 68.9 x 15.75 x 86.6 inches.::2230-029 6 reel hose stand. Dimensions: 78 x 30 x 103 inches.

Heavy duty solid steel stands offer an alternative to ceiling or wall mounting hose reels. All stands include mounting plates, gray finish and drip trays to keep unwanted oil off the floor. Available in 3, 5 and 6 reel models. Designed to fit the Evolu … Read More >

Hose Stands: Hose Reel Stand Accessories


2230-030 Height extension kit Adds 20” additional height. Sold in pairs::2230-031 Expansion bracket Allows 2 additional reels to be mounted on each side of the hose reel stand::2230-035 Drip Tray for use with expansion bracket 2230-031. Purchase one per Expansion bracket

Accessories are available for use with the six reel stand 2230-029 only. Height extension kits increase the stand height by another 20” and expansion brackets allow for an additional 2-4 reels (2 on each side) to be mounted with a total of 10 possible … Read More >

Mounting Accessories: Mounting Channel Components


2230-003 - Mounting Channel - 1 Reel::2230-004 - Mounting Channel - 2 Reels::2230-005 - Mounting Channel - 3 Reels::2230-007 - Mounting Channel - 5 Reels::2230-002 - Mounting Channel I-Beam Bracket Kit::2230-014 - Mounting Channel Plate

  Channels are designed to build reel banks of 1 to 6 reels.• If mounting directly to an I-Beam, use Mounting Channel I-Beam Bracket Kit #2230-002 to mount channel to a structural I-beam. • Use Mounting Channel plate #2230-014 to install open reel … Read More >

Mounting Accessories: Mounting Bracket Kits


2230-026 For use with single EVO, Premium and Classic.::2230-024 Quick Mounting Plate::2230-013 I-Beam Mounting Clamps::2230-016 Mounting Adapter Plate Kit

2230-026 Allows the hose reel to be wall mounted to the swivel bracket and pivot horizontally   2230-024 For use with single EVO, Premium and Classic reel. No mounting channel required, mounts directly to unistrut. For I-beam mounting order 2230-0 … Read More >

Hose Stops


2230-015 Lube Console Stop::2230-009 Hose stop for 1/4” ID Hoses. Fits Classic, Premium and EVO Hose Reels::2230-025 Hose stop for 3/8” ID Hoses. Fits Classic, Premium and EVO Hose Reels::2230-010 Hose stop for 1/2” ID Hoses. Fits Classic, Premium, EVO Hose Reels::2230-011 Hose stop for 3/4” ID Hoses. Fits EV and EVX Hose Reels::2230-012 Hose stop for 1” ID Hoses::2230-018 Hose stop for 1/2” ID Hoses. Fits EV and EVX Hose Reels::2230-039 Hose stop for 1 1/2” Hoses. Fits EVX+ Hose Reel

For more information on Balcrank’s Signature Series Hose Reels, go to Hose Reels. Purchase hose to fit the correct hose size