Brackets & Trays


4520-020 Control Handle Drip Tray::2230-026 Swivel Bracket for use with single EVO, Premium and Classic::4411-033 Pump Mount Bracket, for mounting Pride Series pumps to side tote bracket::4411-034 Top Mount Bracket for IBC Totes::4520-006 Tank Saddle

2230-026  Allows the hose reel to be wall mounted to the swivel bracket and pivot horizontally   4520-006  Use our exclusive saddle bracket to quickly attach Balcrank hose reels to any 275 gal or 330 gal horizontal obround tank. One step … Read More >

Tank Level Gauge


4520-014 Black Knight Gauge

Display dial shows the remaining fluid depth in inches as the attached float level changes. Mount on tank bung fitting. (For stationary tanks only. Not recommended for mobile lubbers.)

Tote Caps


4530-066 Center cap, 6” dia. x 2.5” ID ABUT (American Buttress)::4530-067 Center cap, vented, 6” dia. x 2.5” ID ABUT (American Buttress)::4530-068 Center cap with filter vent, 6” dia. x 2.5” ID ABUT (American Buttress)::4530-069 Center cap 2 fill ports, 6” dia. x 2” NPT(F)



4520-007 Tank Vent Cap 2" NPT(F)::4520-018 Emergency vent 4"::4520-019 Vented fill cap 2"::4411-024 Bung Adapter, PVC: W/ 2" Pressure Relief Port::4520-007 Vent Cap Mounting Kit

4520-007 For attaching 4520-006 to vent outlet of obround tanks  

Bung Adapters


4411-007N - Steel: Lion™ HP (old style) 5:1 W/ pressure relief port::4411-009N - Aluminum: Panther® HP W/ pressure relief port::4411-009QX - Aluminum: Panther® HP W/ pressure relief port - 10 pieces::4411-012 - For use with 1” OD suction tube::4411-018N - Double tap bushing for use with Panther® HP W/ pressure relief::4411-021 - Aluminum: LYNX: 1:1, and 1 1/2” suction tube::4411-022 - Aluminum: LYNX 3:1::4411-024 - PVC: W/ pressure relief port-2” ::4411-022S - Aluminum: LYNX 5:1 HD

Tank Accessories | Lightweight Doublewall


1136-003 - Reel Base for 165/275 gal Roth Tanks::1136-004 - Reel Base for 400 gal Roth Tanks::1136-001 - Tie Down Anchor Kit for 165/275 gal Roth Tanks::1136-002 - Tie Down Anchor Kit for 400 gal Roth Tanks::833560 - Tank Level Gauge for 165/275 gal Roth Tanks::833561 - Tank Level Gauge for 400 gal Roth Tanks::833579 - Mounting Base Clips

Designed for Balcrank/Roth Tanks