EP Meter (Electronic Preset)


3331-028 Bare::3331-029 Rigid Hi-Flow::3331-030 Flex Hi-Flow

Type: Electronic Handles

Preset dispensing allows hands-free operation as the meter automatically shuts off once the desired preset amount is reached.

• Programmable for quarts, pints, gallons, liters
• Quick recall of last preset quantity
• Operates in manual or automatic preset mode
• 2 totalizers: re-settable total & accumulated total
• Emergency override; closes the valve immediately stopping flow
• Low battery indicator
• Can be calibrated for different fluid viscosities

• Synthetic and mineral based lubricants
• Gear oil
• Hydraulic fluids

Markets Served
• Auto and truck dealerships
• Truck fast lube and maintenance shops
• Fleets
• Mining and construction
• Railroad and mass transit