Mechanical Register (MR) Meter


3330-184 - Flex Memory Extension, 1/4 turn Manual Nozzle for ATF-Liters::3330-189 - Rigid 1/4 turn-Oil::3330-192 - Flex Memory 1/4 turn-Oil::3330-196 - Flex Memory 1/4 turn-ATF::3330-177 - Rigid 1/4 turn-Oil::3330-180 - Flex Memory 1/4 turn-Oil::3330-184 - Flex Memory 1/4 turn-ATF::3330-202 - MR Bare (Liters)::3330-203 - MR Bare (Quarts)

Type: Mechanical Handles

The Balcrank mechanical-metered control valves have been specifically designed to measure and dispense volumes of all kinds of synthetic and mineral oils and to lead the competition in technology and innovation. Balcrank manufactures a full range of rotary-piston mechanical meters, graduated in Quarts, Gallons or Liters to cover the needs of production lines, when filling engines, gear boxes and transmissions; or when dispensing lubricants in fleet service shops, off-road vehicles, mining, or marine equipment maintenance facilities.

Our line of mechanical meters is especially suitable for tough jobs and extreme environmental conditions.


Mechanical Register (MR) Meter-rigid-cutaway ROBUST

  • Polycarbonate based integral register housing and single molded pointer knob to guarantee maximum integrity of the meter against drops and impacts.
  • One piece molded register housing gives extra protection against humidity.  The meter is ideal for outdoor use.
  • The one-piece molded pointer knob, which encloses a very robust and unique reset mechanism, is protruding for easy resetting and reading, but is resistant to impacts.
  • The reset mechanism incorporates a safety clutch for integrity in case of wrong reset turn action.
  • A simple and easy to read dial with two pointers and the mechanical totalizer can be read at any time regardless of the ambient temperature or the direct sun action.
  • Long durability due to the full metal meter execution.


  • No calibration required.  Precision machined metering chamber keeping tight tolerances.
  • High-accuracy to a large viscosity range (with high viscosity lubricants and/or extreme temperatures).


  • Larger measuring chamber increases up to 33% delivery rate compared to other rotary-piston mechanical meters
  • 5-digit totalizer keeps lifetime record of fluid dispensed.
  • Totalizer measure is readable with knob  placed at zero.
  • Large port, ball bearing, inlet swivel included
  • Easy access fluid inlet screen included at swivel.
  • Included swivel hose-end cover protects vehicle or machine surfaces from scratches.
  • Easy access for service of the rotary-piston mechanism
  • Trigger lock button prevents accidental control valve opening and allows the control valve to be locked in the open position for large volumes dispense.
  • Cam & Piston valve design optimized for superb control and minimum flow resistance
  • Ergonomically designed grip handle for optimum comfort.




Units of measure
(in 0.01 increments)
Quart and Liter
Accuracy +/- 0.65% of reading (lubricating oils)
Flow range 0.26-8 gal/min (1-30 l/min)
Max pressure 1,450 psi (100 bar)
Swivel inlet 1/2” NPT (F) swivel
Dispense Nozzle OD Auto=0.605″
Manual 1/4 turn for Oil =0.705″
Manual 1/4 turn for ATF =0.315″
Verify the ID of ATF fill port for compatibility
Operating temp 14 to 140ºF (-10 to 60ºC).
Suitable for extreme temperature conditions
Battery 2 x 1.5V alkaline “AAA”
Weight 3.75 Lbs (1.7 kg)
Compatible fluids Oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid and anti-freeze solutions
Wetted materials Aluminum, stainless steel, zinc alloy, Buna-N™, zinc plated steel, and brass.

The MR Meter has an exclusive line of extensions and nozzles and are not interchangeable with conventional meters.