Director Jr. Fluid Inventory Control (FIC) System


3110-031 - Director Jr. FIC Console VDC 2014

Systems: Director Jr FIC System

Example of mid-range Director Jr. System

Director Jr. System - workflow diagram
1 – Director Jr. Console (3110-031)
2 – Fluid Solenoid (3120-032)
1 – Air Solenoid (3120-033)
1 – Pulse Meter (3120-114)
1 – Y-Strainer


  • The Director Jr. System is designed to monitor and control fluid dispenses in a workshop from a single location.
  • The Director Jr. also manages a solenoid valve to control the air powering the pump.
  • One fluid to 10 stations.
  • Fluid measurement in pints, quarts, gallons, or liters.
  • Service fluids: motor oils, synthetics, ATF, gear oil,and anti-freeze.
  • Totalizing feature for ease of fluid inventory record keeping.
  • Large LED information display.
  • Allows for replacement of competitive VDC units without switching out pulse meters and/or solenoid valves
  • Director Jr. console can be field calibrated for improved accuracy
  • 3110-032 – Director Jr. FIC Console VAC 2014 **Replaces 3110-008 – This unit available for replacement in existing systems** Service Bulletin 3102

Component Specifications

Function Monitor and control fluid dispense
Power Input – 110V AC
Output – 24V DC
Requirements &
18 gauge wire up to 400’
16 gauge wire 400’-600’
For indoor use only (not intended for outdoor use)