TM Control


3110-033 TM Control

Systems: TM Control

TM Control

Standalone tank controller with 4 channels capable of controlling up to 4 different tanks or fluids. Each channel can connect to a solenoid valve, remote alarm or strobe light.

The TM Control can be used as a high or low-level control to prevent overflow, or as a pump shutoff to prevent the pump from running dry, and allowing air to enter the system.



  • Controls up to four channels. Each channel can be assigned to a different tank, or multiple channels can be assigned to a single tank
  • Each channel controls solenoid valves, relays, external alarms, etc.
  • This unit can be a standalone unit; no need to connect to auxiliary software or systems
  • TM Control works with Tank alert strobe light and alarm 3120-029
  • One button for setup, resetting alarms, and system test
  • Use the key switch for bypass mode control, setup access, or rebooting the system
  • Status LEDs: yellow indicates bypass mode and white on indicates system status; on
  • Input LED for each channel; red blinking LED indicates level warning
  • Outputs can be configured to “normally- open” or “normally closed”


Technical Data:

Function Stand alone tank controller
Requirements & Limitations 4 tanks or 4 fluids

  • Input – 110-230 V AC
  • Required Voltage – 110/60 Hz 240/50 Hz V AC