Electric Cord & Utility Reel


2510-011 - Electric Cord Reel, 30' x 16 gauge, 10 amps, 3 outlet::2510-013 - Electric Cord Reel, 40' x 12 gauge, 20 amps, GFCI Duplex Outlet::2510-016 - Utility Cord Reel, 50', LED light::2510-017 - Electric Cord Reel, 50', 12 amps, LED light

Typical Applications: Automotive Dealerships, Quick Lubes, Tire Center, Transmission Centers


Type(s): Electric Reels

These cord reels are designed for use in dealerships, truck and bus maintenance facilities, municipalities, and more.
Cord reels feature:

  • Multi- positioning Outlet Arm – provide ease of changing from ceiling to base mount: five positions for any application and mounting configuration.
  • Easy spring tension can be adjusted on site by adding or removing cord wraps easily from the reel.
  • Industrial grade collector ring, replaceable carbon brushes, and brass transfer rings
  • Adjustable ball stop allows user to set height of the retracting cord
  • 5.5’ power inlet cord with grounded plug
  • All reels feature SJTO Cord.  Cord is rated to 300 volts and has a temperature range of –20ºC to 60ºC and features excellent resistance to oil, water and moisture.

To complement these reels we also offer interchangeable accessories.


Use SB 2016 for 2510-011  | Use SB 2030 for  2510-013