NEW Roth Tank Ala Carte Packages

Over the years we have received requests for product substitutions on our Roth tank packages. Substitutions cause obstacles for our customer service group and ultimately, delay orders. For this reason, we have created 3 new Roth tank Ala Carte packages.

We hope this addition will give you added flexibility to order these tank packages in any configuration you require.

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Roth Tank Ala Carte Packages

1135-165      ROTH TANK PKG. 165G. ALA CARTE – $3,151 LIST PRICE

1135-275      ROTH TANK PKG. 275G. ALA CARTE – $3,490 LIST PRICE

1135-400      ROTH TANK PKG. 400G. ALA CARTE – $6,353 LIST PRICE

(Standard discounts apply.)

These packages will be shipped complete less the pump, downtube, reel, and control handle. You will be able to select which of these components you would like to have with the package (options are listed below). The packages will not be assembled. These items will ship in their original packaging along with the remainder of the tank package. We have deducted the price of the above components from the package price therefore whatever your component choices are, they will be added to the entire package/order as separate line items. Based on the pump choice and tank size, downtube selection by pump is listed below.

Roth Tank Package Downtube Selection

  Lynx 3:1 Lynx 5:1 HD Panther
165 Gallon 833567 833569 833571
275 Gallon 833567 833569 833571
400 Gallon 833568 833570 833572

Roth Components Selection

Panther 3:1 pump

Panther 5:1 pump

Lynx 3:1 pump

Lynx 5:1 HD pump

Classic reel, 30’ or 50’

Evolution reel, 30’ or 50’

All Control handles