Technical Release | Air Motor  

If you have ever attended a Balcrank training session you would have heard us speak about “Bad Air”.

Bad air is when there is too much water or debris in the air supply going to the pump. This bad air is the major cause of pump failure as it generally washes lubricating grease out of the air motor causing the seals to fail. 

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               Panther Pump Air Motor

    • Balcrank Panther pumps have a unique design that allows the air motor removal with just four nuts, slide the air motor sideways and it is removed all without removing the pump lower end from the tank. It’s just that easy! If you are not familiar with the rebuilding of a Panther pump just follow the link below to our Panther training video. Training Videos – Balcrank With this is in mind we are sharing a big secret with you today! “We have a complete Air Motor assembly in a bag” greased and ready to go. With this complete air motor assembly; repairing the air motor side of the pump is a breeze! In just minutes you can have your customer back up and running.Order your complete Air Motor in a bag (831614) today and carry it on your service truck for the fastest service call possible! Your tech’s and customers with thank you.