Oil Pump Educational Series

Oil Pump Repair | More Knowledge of Your Pump

This pump repair series applies to the Panther Pump HP 3:1, 5:1 and Tiger Pump HP 6:1.

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If Your Panther Pump Is Not Working?

  1. What are some of the first things to check if Panther Pump is not working?
  2. How do you know if the air motor is leaking?
  3. How to tell if you have a problem with (fluid) lower end of pump?
  4. What symptoms tell you need to repair the pump?
  5. What position should the fluid rod be in to make re-assembly possible?

All these questions answered and more on the video.  

Air End Repair

  1. What do the dampeners do in the air motor assembly?
  2. What is the proper way to install the outer valves onto the air piston?
  3. What grease does Balcrank require to use in pumps?
  4. Can you test the air assembly before connecting the lower end of the pump?

These air end repair questions answered and more on the video.

Fluid End Repair

    1. Should you remove the static seal?
    2. What tells you if the throat seal is leaking?
    3. What tells you if the O-ring wasn’t seated correctly?
    4. What to do to ensure you don’t get grease on the threads?
    5. During reassembly, what’s one thing you should make sure to do?

    All these questions answered on the video.

Pressure Relief

      1. What does the pressure relief valve insinuate if it does not close back when it opens?
      2. What parts make the pressure relief valve?
      3. How to properly re-install the pressure valve to the pump?

      All the questions are answered on the video.