Balcrank Solutions

  There is a good percentage of lost inventory in the bulk fluid market. Theft, reconciliation, and failure to bill for oil on the repair order have caused major profit loss for businesses and owners. Balcrank fluid management systems can manage multiple dispense points and account for every drop of fluid used. With the user in mind, our NEX•U Fluid Monitoring System was designed with all the advantages of wireless flexibility and hard-wired reliability. NEX•U provides total control and record of every fluid dispensed to eliminate inventory concerns.

Another solution can be the Synergy Monitoring System. This multi-point dispense module handles metering and fluid solenoid control from any keypad or PC in the configured system. In addition, its tank module can monitor up to 4 oil tanks and control waste pumps plus solenoid valves for effortless fluid management.

When it comes to fluid management, Balcrank products offer very simple configurations with low security to complex feature-rich systems. Balcrank’s solutions for fluid management provide complete security and control to make your operation more profitable.  

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  When designing a pumping system for our customers, we first evaluate the product being pumped, the distance to be pumped, and the flow rate desired to meet the customer’s needs. The pumping system must meet these requirements to provide dependability, longevity, and reliability.

Balcrank offers pumping solutions for oil, grease, antifreeze, lubricants, and other fluids. With a variety of piston pumps, diaphragm pumps, mobile, and stationary pump packages; we have the solution for your application needs. Applications include quick lubes, small to large car dealerships, fleets, railroads, marine, and more. 

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  The transferring and dispensing of fluids in any environment requires the right equipment to offer essential performance and reliability. Therefore, Balcrank offers hose reels that include the Classic, Premium, Evolution, and Extended Volume series to easily dispense fluids. From lightweight to heavy-duty performance, Balcrank’s reels are ready to tackle today’s hose reel market demands.

We manufacture fluid dispensing handles available in metered, non-metered, and preset models. To create a dispensing system in a small footprint, use a Balcrank reel stand or oil bar. Balcrank also offers pressurized and hand pump dispensers suitable for any shop’s needs. 

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