• Inner tank made of blow-molded, high-density, seamless polyethylene that is leak-proof and will never corrode
  • Outer tank is made of weld-free galvanized steel and roll seamed with an oil and fire-resistant seal
  • Outer tank holds 110 percent of inner tank for maximum protection
  • Extremely light, up to 50 percent lighter than conventional steel tanks
  • Can be used for DEF, diesel and bio fuels, motor oil and ATF
  • Compact, economical design (8 sq. ft. for 1000L)
  • Wide handles on each end allow you to transport and handle with ease
  • UL 2258 certified*
  • 4 x 2” bung openings


Package Includes:
• Roth Double Wall Tank
• Choice of:
Lynx 3:1, Lynx 5:1 HD or Panther 3:1 Pump
30′ or 50′ x 1/2″ ID Classic or Evolution Hose Reel
• DR Handle w/Flex Ext. & Auto Tip
• F/R auto drain 1/4” NPT(F)
• 2.5′ reel inlet hose
• 5′ air connecting hose
• Air quick connect coupler & nipple
• Sight gauge
• Vented fill cap
• Pump & reel bracket
Tank Dimensions:
68″ h x 30″w x 64″l

*As with all tanks, be sure to follow local and state guidelines for tank placement and installation.  Some cities and counties have not approved the UL 2258 certification, as it is different that the familiar UL142 that pertains to steel tanks, so be sure to check with your local Fire Marshal and/or city and county regulations before ordering.