Poly Stackable Tankless Packages | Anti-freeze


1138-043 - 30’ EVO Reel, CF15 Alum pump, A/F::1138-053 - 30’ EVO Reel, CF30 Alum pump, A/F::1138-042 - 30’ Classic Reel, CF15 Alum pump, A/F::1138-052 - 30’ Classic Reel, CF30 Alum pump, A/F


Fluid Types:

Suitable for direct dispense of fluids. Packages are designed for use with poly stackable tanks. Choose side, top, or wall mount configurations.

Packages includes
• Hose reel – choice of Evolution or Classic series hose reel, 30′ or 50
• Pump – choice of LYNX 3:1, CF15 or CF30
• DR handle w/flex-m ext. & 1/4 turn manual tip
• F/R auto drain 1/4″ NPT(F)
• 2.5′ reel inlet hose
• Pump & reel bracket


* Tanks should not be stacked higher than 82” or less from the stand base to the top of the tank. As with all tanks, be sure to follow local and state guidelines for tank placement and installation.