Vertical Obround Tank Packages


1134-017 - 275 GAL. Single Wall, Panther 3:1 Pump, Classic Hose Reel::1134-018 - 275 GAL. Double Wall, Panther 3:1 Pump, Classic Hose Reel::1134-028 - 330 GAL. Double Wall, Lynx 3:1 Pump, EVO Hose Reel


Fluid Types:

Choose vertical Obround tanks when floor space is limited. Vertical Obround tanks have the smallest footprint per gallon of oil.


  • Tank has 2″ lockable fill cap and gauge
  • Tailgate delivery and advance notification available


Package Includes:
• UL 142 Tanks (Single and Double Wall)*
• DR Handle w/Flex Ext. & Auto Tip
• Filter Regulator
• Choice of:
Lynx or Panther 3:1 Pump
50′ x 1/2″ ID Classic or Evolution Hose Reel
Tank Dimensions:
60″H x 44″W x 27″D     275 gal
72″H x 44″W x 27″D    330 gal

* Check local codes for venting and installation requirements