Mechanical Register (MR) Meter


3330-184 - Flex Memory Extension, 1/4 turn Manual Nozzle for ATF-Liters::3330-189 - Rigid 1/4 turn-Oil::3330-192 - Flex Memory 1/4 turn-Oil::3330-196 - Flex Memory 1/4 turn-ATF::3330-177 - Rigid 1/4 turn-Oil::3330-180 - Flex Memory 1/4 turn-Oil::3330-184 - Flex Memory 1/4 turn-ATF::3330-202 - MR Bare (Liters)::3330-203 - MR Bare (Quarts)

Type: Mechanical Handles

The Balcrank mechanical-metered control valves have been specifically designed to measure and dispense volumes of all kinds of synthetic and mineral oils and to lead the competition in technology and innovation. Balcrank manufactures a full range of ro … Read More >