Fluid Measures

Fluid Measures


6110-025 - Measure with Spout, 1Q/1L, Plastic::6110-026 - Measure with Spout, 2Q/2L, Plastic::6110-027 - Measure with Spout, 3Q/3L, Plastic::6110-028 - Measure with Spout, 5Q/5L, Plastic::6111-003 - Spout, Small Plastic - for use with 1 Qt, 2 Qt, and 3 Qt measures::6111-004 - Spout, Large Plastic - for use with 5 Qt measures::6111-007 - Cap, for use with 1 Qt measures::6111-008 - Cap, for use with 2 Qt & 3 Qt measures::6111-009 - Cap, for use with 5 Qt measures

Typical Applications: Automotive Dealerships, Mobile Lube, Quick Lubes, Tire Center, Transmission Centers

Fluid Types:

Fluid Measures For lubricants, anti-freeze, brake fluid, petroleum, diesel, etc. Molded in high density polyethylene, with flexible spout. Specifications Fluid Measures Working temperature -148ºF to 248ºF (-100ºC to 120ºC) Wetted Materials HDPE, LDPE