Accessories, Kits and Parts

Balcrank offers the parts, accessories and kits you need to maintain or enhance a single pump or an entire pumping system.

The following is a listing of the items that may be found in each Accessory category.  See specific categories for product details.

Piston Pumps
Bung Adapters Inlet Screen Mesh
Dolly Base Low Level Cut-off
Drum Carts Pump Runaway Control
Drum Covers-Oil Suction Tubes
External Pressure Relief Wall Mount Brackets
Inlet Check Valves Y-Strainer

Piston Pumps-Grease
Dolly Base Follower Plates
Drum Carts Pump Lift
Drum Covers-Grease Pump Runaway Control

AODD Pumps
Auto Shut-off Control Wall Mount Bracket
Pressure Relief Kits Y-Strainer

Tank Packages
Tank Gauge Tank Vent
Tank Saddle Vented Fill Cap

Hose Reels
Air Chuck Mounting Channels & Accessories
End Panels Mounting Bracket Kits
Coiled Air/Water Hose Ready Light
Hose Stops Reel-Electric
Lube Console Ceiling Plate Reel-Utility Light
Lube Console Extension Side Panel
Lube Console Lower Hose Guide Tire Inflator-Single Chuck
Lube Console Floor Plate Hose Guide Tire Inflator-Double Chuck
Lube Console Stop Water Bibb

Control Handles
Extensions & Nozzles-DR Meter Meters-Bare-DR Meter
Extensions & Nozzles-Conventional Meters-Bare-Conventional
Goose Neck Spigot Spigot
Grease Coupler Straight Stem for Spigot
Whip Hose Extension
Z-Swivel- Grease

Fluid Inventory Control
Director Jr.
Air Solenoid Impulse Meter
Fluid Solenoid Wire Prep Kit
fusion 2.4 CCS and fusion 2.4 DCS
Antenna Splitter External Printer with Cable
Communication Cables 50′ RS232 Remote Antenna with 17′ Cable
Communication Cables 100′ RS232 Remote Antenna with 30′ Cable
Air Solenoid Professional Software & Applications
Bar Code Reader Pulse/Meter Solenoid Valve Kits
Card Reader Serial Port Kit
Clock Module Tank Sensor
Communication Cables Ticket Printer
Control Cables
Dallas Key Reader

Air System Components
FRL Mounting Accessories Regulator – Air Line Filter
Filter Regulator – 1 Piece Filter Regulator – Air Lubricator
Filter Regulator – 2 Piece Piggy back Filter Regulator – Air Regulator
Filter Regulator – 3 Piece Piggy back

System Fittings & Couplers
Coupler – ARO Series Nipple – ARO Series
Coupler – Automotive Standard Series Nipple – Automotive Standard Series
Coupler – Dry Break Nipple – Dry Break
Coupler – Cam Lock Nipple – Cam Lock
Cam Lock – Caps & Plugs
Coupler – Industrial Series 1/2″ Body Size Nipple – Industrial Series 1/2″ Body Size
Coupler – Industrial Series 3/8″ Body Size Nipple – Industrial Series 3/8″ Body Size
Coupler – Lincoln Series Nipple – Lincoln Series
Coupler – Standard Coupler – Grease
Fittings – Adapter Swivel Union – 45 deg
Fittings – Bushing Swivel Union – 90 deg
Fittings – Hex Nipple Swivel Union – Rigid
Fittings – Square Headed Plug