Evolution Hose Reels | High Pressure


2140-003 - Bare reel - Water - 50' hose ::2140-005 - Bare reel - up to 50' hose::2140-019 - 30' x 3/8" ID hose::2140-020 - 50' x 3/8" ID hose

Typical Applications: Automotive Dealerships, Fleet Service, Quick Lubes, Tire Center, Transmission Centers

Pressure: High Pressure (Grease) Reels

Type(s): Evolution Reels

Evolution Hose Reel: an Evolution in Design and Performance!
Lightweight but extremely rugged: steel pedestal and arm, and dual ball-bearings. The Evolution combines design, performance, and reliability with the right features and benefits for today’s customers. All Evolution series reels have a narrow and lightweight design; includes hose, hose stop, and a 2.5’ connecting hose.


  • Superb corrosion resistance
  • Superior structural design and stability
  • Fully ported shaft and pressure balanced swivel
  • High quality, long life power spring
  • Spool mounted on dual ball-bearings
  • Rectangular hose guide outlet with rollers
  • Multi-positioning outlet arm
  • Eight-position latching mechanism
  • Fluid compatibility for multiple applications
  • Easy maintenance and service
  • Easy on-site tension adjustment
  • Easy installation mounting and accessories
Grease High Pressure 4,000 PSI for delivery of grease.
Fluid inlet
3/8″ NPT (F) swivel
Fluid outlet
3/8″ NPT (F) swivel
Outlet thread
1/4″ NPT (M) for 3/8″ ID hoses
Wetted materials
Nickle plated steel, hardened steel, and Polyethurethane


Replacement Hoses
Model Number Hose Size Max. PSI Outlet Hose Inlet Hose
2140-019 30’ x 3/8” 4,000 PSI 8332-030 8334-002X
2140-014 50’ x 3/8” 4,000 PSI 8332-050 8334-002X