EVX+ Series Low Pressure

The Extended Volume+, EVX+ Series hose reel is designed for extreme heavy-duty applications where large hose diameters are required for increased flow. The dual spring EVX+ reel will accommodate up to 50’ of 1 1/2” ID hose. Perfect for heavy-duty fleet, construction, mining and industrial applications.

Air, Water, Diesel & Low Pressure Oil Transfer 580 psi (21 bar) for delivery of air, water, diesel & oil transfer

Fluids Handled

Part No.:

2310-047 - Bare reel - up to 50’ x 1 1/2”
Technical Data
1 1/2” NPT(F) swivel
1 1/2” NPT(F) swivel
1 1/2” NPT(M) for 1 1/2” ID Hoses
Steel, Nickel Plated Steel, Nitrile Rubber, Nickel Plated Aluminum