TIGER® HP 6:1 Pump

The Tiger® HP 6:1 ratio double acting pump is engineered for outstanding performance and reliability for dispensing lubricating oils and similar products up to SAE 90.

Tiger® is the largest of the Pride series pumps. Pride series pumps are manufactured with a mechanical air valve and piston design which is more forgiving of environments with contaminated air. The 6:1 version is a medium pressure pump for suppling higher pressures and longer pumping distances. The larger 3.2” air motor makes this pump ideal for larger users who need higher flow rates and slower pump cycle rates.

Part No.:

1130-019 6:1 Bare carbon steel stub pump
1130-025 6:1 Bare carbon steel stub pump, flange mount
1130-026 6:1 Bare carbon steel stub pump with bung adapter
1160-007 6:1 Bare stainless steel stub pump

Markets Served:

Large sized tank packages, Medium-large volume maintenance shops, Medium to large volume car dealerships, HD truck/ fleet shops, Off-road construction maintenance shops, Mass-transit maintenance shops
Technical Data
NOTE: Thermal expansion of the fluid in a distribution system can cause an increase in system pressure that can damage lubrication system components. Use pressure relief valve kit included with this pump.
(1) Ensure that all hose fittings and piping are rated for fluid outlet pressures. Balcrank recommends a minimum of 3x safety factor.
Warning! Do not use any Pride series products with flammable fluids.
Verify fluid compatibility with MSDS sheets.
Contact Balcrank for specific system design performance and technical data.
40-150 psi (3-10 bar)
31 cyc/gal (8.2 cyc/liter)
870 psi (60 bar)
3.2” (81 mm)
16 gal/min (61 l/min)
3/8” NPT(F)
1” NPT(F); 1 1/2” NPT(M)
3/4” NPT(F)
Carbon steel, Buna-N™, Stainless Steel, Ultrathane®, and Aluminum.
Stainless Steel and Viton®
SB 1065