Piston Pumps | Panther® HP 5:1


1130-016 - Carbon Steel Stub::1130-018 - Carbon Steel Stub, Flange Mount::1130-021 - Carbon Steel Stub with Bung Adapter

Typical Applications: Automotive Dealerships, Industrial plants, Mining, Mobile Lube, Quick Lubes, Tire Center, Transmission Centers

Fluid Types: Auto Transmission Fluid, Oil

Maximum simultaneous dispense points @ 1.5 gal/m (5.7 l/m) per dispense point. Note: pumping distance and pipe diameter will effect dispensing performance.


  • Pressure relief on Pride Series models – built-in safety feature reduces premature wear of hoses and seals.
  • Mechanical air valve – more reliable, no stalling and no icing.
  • Designed for lower air consumption – extends compressor life.
  • Built-in muffler – results in quiet operation and eliminates icing.
  • Stainless steel pump rod – reduces corrosion and extends seal life.
  • Double acting pump – delivers consistent fluid flow with greater dispensing accuracy.
Pump ratio 5:1
Operating air pressure range 10 – 150 PSI (10 bar)
Pump delivery with SAE
10W-30 oil, 68º F, 100 PSI air pressure and free flow
8 gal/m (23 l/m)
Air consumption
(100 PSI & 3 G/M)
24.80 SCFM
Max fluid stall pressure
@150 PSI air
760 PSI (52.4 bar)
Cycles per gallon 57
Air inlet 1/4” NPT (F)
Fluid inlet 1” NPT (F), 1 1/2” NPT (M)
Fluid outlet 1/2” NPT (F)
Effective air piston diameter 2.5” (63.5 mm)
Wetted materials Carbon steel, Buna-N™,
Stainless steel, Nickel plated steel, Nylon, Ultrathane, Zinc Plated Steel, and Aluminum



Pump Mounting Kit