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Program Description

For many years, Balcrank has offered service training at our facility in North Carolina for all our distributors in North America.  This is a 2 day course focused on installation, service, and maintenance of our equipment.  Proper installation and commissioning of equipment has everything to do with the overall reliability of any lube system installation.  Up until now, there has not been any formalization of training or any type of authorization that goes with attending our service training.  Balcrank’s new ABI program encompasses technical service school and online courses to meet the needs of all our customers nationwide.  Participants in the ABI program will be able to closely connect to Balcrank Corporation’s factory and its tech-service department.

The Authorized Balcrank Installer (ABI) training program is focused on training installers and service technicians of all distributors in the areas of:

  • Proper pump and system commissioning
  • Factory recommended practices for component installations
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Warranty procedures


  • Training videos – quick and easy to follow quizzes.
  • Support Documents
  • Hands-on classes at our factory offered multiple times a year
  • Online courses available 24/7/365