Fluid Inventory ControlFIC-Group2

Balcrank has the most comprehensive line of fluid inventory control systems in our industry. From the entry level Director Jr. to the powerful, full featured Synergy system. Balcrank has the right product for every application.

Director Jr. manages 1 fluid for up to 10 dispense points. Simple, easy to install and use, the Director Jr. has been in use since 1987. Typical customers include small garages, dealerships, and small equipment service.

Fusion 2.4 wireless system manages up to 16 fluids, 250 dispense points and 250 user ID’s. Fusion 2.4 is totally wireless, communicates directly between keypads and dispense valves. Typical applications include car dealerships, HD fleet, truck and bus facilities.

Synergy is the ultimate in Fluid Inventory Control systems. Unlimited number of fluids including oil, grease, DEF, windsheild wash fluid and anti-freeze. Synergy controls up to 255 dispense points with total simultaneous dispense capability. Network and DMS interface available as well as full tank monitoring and real-time inventory levels. Today, the needs of our customers are more complex, the fluids are many, and the challenges of managing and accurately monitoring these fluids are difficult.  Wireless has its limitations, communication problems, and risks with all electronic controls mounted in the handle. Synergy brings you real-time information and seamless communication without interruption, interfacing with DMS software. Typical applications include, large dealerships, heavy-duty fleet/truck/bus facilities, industrial, mining and construction.