Oil Pressurized Dispenser


1200-022 Pressurized Dispenser, Metered::1200-023 Pressurized Dispenser, Non-metered

These self-contained portable air pressurized units are designed for easy dispense any fresh oil with no need for any pumping device.  It is ideal for small shops that have a need for a self-contained totally mobile unit.  To operate, you pre … Read More >

Grease Gun Buckets


1300-031 - Grease Bucket Pump::1300-036 - Gear Oil Bucket Pump

1300-031 • 35 lb oval shape steel bucket with carrying handle and foot rest • Delivery per stroke: 0.7, 0.5 or 0.35 oz., depending on the lever selected. • Up to 5,000 psi maximum fluid pressure. • Includes 7’ grease hose with coupler   1300-036 • … Read More >

Filler Pumps


1300-034 - Filler Pump for 35 lb pails::1300-035 - Filler Pump for 120 lb kegs