Synergy FIC System | PC Interface Module


3110-019 - PC Interface Module::3110-018 - Printer Module

Systems: Synergy FIC System

Provides a means to connect a Synergy system to a PC.

Pre loaded basic software allows:

  • Graphic visualization of the Synergy FIC System components on a PC monitor
  • Converts system data to a text file
  • Synchronization of system time with PC
  • Tank level updates

Software capabilities can be greatly enhanced with the Synergy Professional Software license (model# 3120-072, sold separately.)

Component Specifications

Function Allows PC Interface
Power Input – 24 VDC
Output – 24 VDC

& Limitations
  •  Runs under Windows 7 / 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 8, 8.1, 10
  •  Intel Pentium 2-333Mhz 128Mb RAM
  • Must have free compatible 9-pin serial port.
  • Comes with Basic Software:
    – Graphically view system
    – Set system time, update tank levels
    – Simple data export

Service Bulletins:
SB 3082 WinTools Software
SB 3074 Printer Module