Piston Pumps – Grease | Lion 350 60:1 Inductor and Pump Hoist


1451-009 - Package, Lion™ 350, 60:1 Inductor ::1451-008 - Package, Lion™ 350, 60:1 Inductor

Typical Applications: Automotive Dealerships, Industrial plants, Mobile Lube

Fluid Types: Grease

Lion™ Grease Gravity Inductor and Pump Hoist  4450-005

Lion™ 350 60:1 grease pump is used with 120 and 400 lb drums. The air operated pump hoist lifts and lowers the pump, making drum changes easier, faster and safer. The pumps lower end is rigidly fixed to a follower plate with a single rubber lip. The weight of the pump, pump bracket and follower plate plus atmospheric pressure push the assembly against the grease eliminating channeling and air pockets, keeping grease free from contaminants, minimizing waste and aiding pump priming.

 Packages include
 1451-009 Package, Lion™ 350, 60:1 Inductor 
1450-012  Lion™ 60:1 Grease 120 lbs
4450-003 Inductor, Gravity, Pump Lift & follower plate
 1451-008  Package, Lion™ 350, 60:1 Inductor
1450-011  Lion™ 60:1 Grease 400 lbs
 4450-003 Inductor, Gravity, Pump Lift & follower plate
4450-005 Base plate for pump hoist & inductor