Premium Duty Drain


4110-024 - Premium, Used Oil::4110-025 - Premium, Anti-Freeze

Drain Types: Premium Drains

Premium Drains capture used fluids and transfers them to any bulk storage tank using a cam-lock kit and evacuation system.


  • All steel tank and base design made from heavy-gauge steel, guaranteeing long life, made in the USA.
  • Non-marking rubber wheels and 4″ casters for easy maneuvering on any floor surface.
  • Drainage bowl made from high strength poly to provide collapsible safety feature and to assist in preventing tank
    failure when object is lowered onto drainage bowl.
  • Tip resistant balanced design.
  • Prevents splattering and include filter to keep debris from entering tank and speed drainage.
  • Powder coated for corrosion resistance with high quality powder coating. Drains are offered in black for used fluid
    and green for used Anti-freeze (Glycol).
  • Used oil drains will come with a 1” cam-lock nipple and dust cap.
  • Used anti-freeze drains will come with a 3/4” cam-lock nipple and dust cap.


Drain dimensions
24″ D x 45″ H (72″ H, fully extended)
Bowl diameter
Capacity 23 Gallons (87 l)
Telescoping range 47″ – 74″ (1.19-1.88 m)
Air Inlet Size (quick connect) Used oil 1” cam-lock nipple
Used anti-freeze 3/4” cam-lock nipple
Fluid Outlet 3/4″ NPT(M)
Wetted materials Zinc plated steel, steel,
Viton, HDPE, and PVC