Roughneck II™ Drain


4110-022 - Roughneck II, Used Oil::4110-023 - Roughneck II, Anti-Freeze

Drain Types: Roughneck Drains

The Roughneck II Drain captures used fluids and transfers them to any bulk storage tank. The unit uses regular shop air and can be pressurized to allow for self-evacuating.


  • Patented automatic fluid evacuation valve eliminates gravity draining, pouring, or the need for an evacuation pump
  • 23 gallon storage tank; fewer drain intervals
  • A low pressure safety valve prevents over pressurization of tank
  • Clear evacuation hose; provides fast fluid evacuation and shows fluid
    levels in tank
  • Includes:
    • 19.25″ diameter catch basin that features an inlet filter screen and s-hooks for tools.
    • “Splashguard” bowl design prevents splattering, speeds drainage.
    • Fully adjustable bowl height from 45″ to 72″.
    • One touch operation. No ball valves required for evacuation of fluid.
    • Roughneck outlet tube mounts securely into bulk used fluid reservoir or can be dry-break mounted.
    • Seven foot evacuation tube provides sight gauge for fluid level.
    • 7’ evacuation tube provides sight gauge for fluid level.
    • Tank handle makes maneuvering easy.
    • Heavy gauge, all-steel construction guarantees long life.
    • Tip-resistant balanced design.
    • Large diameter rear rubber wheels and non-marking wide front casters maneuver the toughest shop floors.


Drain dimensions
24″ D x 45″ H (72″ H, fully extended)
Bowl diameter
Operating air pressure
5 – 25 PSI (.34 – 1.72 bar)
Fluid outlet hose
7′ x 3/4″ ID
Fluid outlet nozzle
1″ OD
Pressure relief valve
30 PSI (2.07 bar)
23 Gallons (87 l)
Telescoping range
45″-72″ (1.14-1.83 m)
Evacuation time
3 – 4 Minutes
Wetted materials Zinc plated steel, steel, Viton, HDPE, and PVC